Compiled by Danny Villarreal 3/2006


The following descendant charts are from different family groups that arrived in Mexico in the early 1500Ős from Spain. I hope that these charts may offer us research opportunities. We know through DNA testing that we are more than one family group. Some of the families were cousins and brothers, it was also common for some to take the surname of their mother. Other families did not have any males to pass the name on so the New World line ended.


Current towns or cities in Spain named Villarreal:

Villareal de Huerva, Arag—n,   Villareal de la Canal, Arag—n,   Ciudad Real (Villarreal in old times), Castilla-La Mancha,   Villarreal de San Carlos, Extremadura,     Villarreal de Alava (Villarreal de Alaba), Pais, Vasco,   Villarreal de Urrechua (Villarreal de Urretxu), Pais Vasco,   Villarreal de los Infantes, Valenciana


Although the families that we are looking at do not come directly from these towns with the exception of those from Ciudad Real we should eventually look at these as places of origin.


Map showing towns where Villarreal families in the New World originated


The Villarreal family from Huelva, Moguer and Sevilla may have been related.



The Villarreal family from Ciudad Real, Almodovar del Campo, Toledo and Abenojar may have been related.





























The Villarreales form Soria, Aranda and Valderas may have been related.






The Villarreal family from Pedraza









Other early families in Mexico